Of all things in astrology, timing that which is promised in the birth chart is the most difficult task and astrologers throughout history have aimed for accurate timing and came up with many different timing methods. In this example we’ll take a look at how marriage can be timed using three timing methods that were common in classical astrology.

First we look at which factors indicate marriage. This in itself is not as easy as just looking at the 7th house and its ruler and Venus. In the below female horoscope we see the Ascendant ruler Jupiter placed in the 7th house, conjunct the North Node. This shows a potentially unexpected and quick marriage which can be a bit contrary to the norm. We also see Saturn there who is the term ruler of the ascendant, the ruler of the Moon and 11th house (good spirit and gain) and a malefic in favor, since the chart is diurnal. Saturn is also receiving the Moon to his sign by a trine aspect, making the connection strong. The Moon rules the 5th house of good fortune, which further adds to possible good outcomes.

The other indication is the conjunction of Mercury, the 7th ruler with Venus in the 9th house of God and ceremonies.

 Picture no. 1: Radix chart with 12th parts around it



First let’s determine the general time lord by directing the terms to the ascendant by primary direction at age 22, starting with October 27th 1979.

 Picture no. 2: Directions

The time lord at that time was Mercury, the 7th ruler who is conjunct Venus and is in the 7th by its 12th part position. If we also take the signs into the account, which I do, the directed bound of Mercury was that of the sign Taurus. Thus we can say also that this was a Venus-Mercury period.



At age 22 the annual profection was to the 11th house. The year lord was thus Saturn and the Moon was also activated, since it is in the 11th house. By this we again have the 7th house highlighted.

We can also profect Venus in this case for further confirmation and we see that she profected to the 7th house and transmitted to Mercury with whom she is conjunct and also to the planets sitting in the 7th.



 Picture no. 3: Solar return chart

The year lord Saturn is in the 11th house and he also rules the 7th house in Solar Return chart.

Its ruler Mercury is with Venus in her own sign, tightly conjunct in the 3rd house, which is 9th from the 7th, thus indicating ceremonies related to marriage. Saturn is also overcoming Mercury and Venus by a trine.

The Sun as the ascendant ruler is tightly angular, indicating a significant year.

At the beginning I mentioned the North Node in the 7th house, showing a sudden, unexpected and possibly unconventional marriage. We can also pay attention to the fact that Saturn rules the 12th  and Venus the 8th which are their diurnal domiciles and this marriage was a very private one, out of public sight.


Timing accurately to the month or even to the day is an extremely difficult task and even though rumors are out there about astrologers predicting to the exact day (especially Vedic astrologers), I am yet to see that with my own eyes. However, consistent results when predicting the year of the event can be obtained by using these rather simple predictive methods.


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