I’ve been thinking about getting an astrology reading for quite some time. A few years ago I had a difficult test in life, when despite a lot of self-work, trust in God and his guidance, I haven’t found answers to my questions. Back then I met Rok by coincidence (or not). The feeling that I knew him from before, pleasant energy, wide knowledge of Vedic philosophy and astrology and his spiritual experiences gave me a confirmation that I can totally trust him. He very precisely illumined my situation, explained the reasons and predicted how long till it shall resolve, he advised me wonderfully how I can help myself, which lessons I should accept and which activities can help me to resolve the issues in the best possible way. Conversation with Rok is like a conversation with a friend you trust. He is a very good listener and it is very pleasant to talk with him.  With his knowledge and intuition he made understandable what I couldn’t see clearly myself. Rok, thank you for your help and thank you for every time I ask you something. I always get the »aha« moment and feel calm when I realize that everything is as should be.

Silvija Paar Sekuti

Yoga teacher at Satya Yoga

The reading I got from Rok was the best astrology reading I have got till date. From my chart, he predicted things which were not only very accurate and true but also extremely crucial in my understanding of my life lessons. Most people who go to an astrologer need healing and the reading provided just that for me in more ways than one. Rok is not only a very good astrologer and a very good listener but also a very patient, kind, sincere and compassionate person.

Sanskruti Barot

Ahmedabad, India

I was surprised how well Rok was able to describe me. With his consultation I got confirmations for things I already felt, but wasn’t entirely aware of them. Although quite some time has passed from my reading with him I am surprised when I see that I’m getting with my life where he predicted, although at that time I could not imagine it. I can say that he reads a person with great accuracy.

Vesna Podlogar

Inspirational writer, Slovenia

I got a reading from Rok because I’ve heard good things about his readings from my friends and colleagues. I didn’t know Rok before, but when we started talking I got a feeling I’m talking to a person I knew for a long time. Our conversations was very spontaneous and relaxed. For me this was not only an astrological reading but a great support for facing myself and my environment. Rok, thank you very much for all of your advices and a sincere conversation!

Deja Hauptman

Ceramic artist at Fina glina, Slovenia

As a parent I felt lost at one time. I simply didn’t know how to guide my children towards the highest good for them. I knew them as persons, but I lacked wisdom in difficult situations. I didn’t know what were their duties in this life or their paths of soul-development. I asked Rok for guidance and he read their birth charts with which he helped me very much in guiding my kids through turbulent times. He told me about their potentials and also their weak spots. With astrological knowledge he helped me with decisions regarding schooling, hobbies and choice of creative activities. He was always ready to help also later, when I needed direction in different periods of their lives. His knowledge is not only astrological, but reaches in the field of psychology, philosophy and emotional intelligence, therefore a consultation with him is a real balm for the mind, heart and soul. My family is very grateful to him.

Sabina Shashi Gautam


A human is a complementary being and that was my impression of working with Rok. Astrology is not everything. Here is the approach, technique and the person that stands behind it. Rok has it all and more! I could not believe how he described me and read my life path. I will forever be indebted to you! Thank you Rok!

Dejan Sotirov

Rainbow warriors (Mavrični bojevniki), Slovenia

I was positively surprised about Rok’s reading. I got a lot of confirmations as well as a deeper insight into things I knew and was well aware of. His reading helped me clarify some details of which I was not that aware or wasn’t able to explain them to myself. I would recommend a reading with Rok to anyone who wants to uncover the unconscious part of themselves and dive deeper.

Luka Višnikar