Birth Chart Reading

During this reading we take a tour across your horoscope according to the natural flow of the reading and see your blueprint, who you are, what are your strengths and how to use them in the best possible way, what are your weaknesses and what you can do about them, what are your talents and most importantly, what is your dharma, your innate nature or your path in this lifetime.  We also look at how your life is unfolding through time and into who you are evolving.

When you book this reading I ask you to write down themes that you especially want me to address.  Although I work as somewhat of an oracle by zooming into the parts of a horoscope that get highlighted when I see the chart, I also like you to highlight certain areas of life. The better the questions, the greater the desire to know, the better the reading is going to be.

Price: 55 EUR

Relationship Reading

With various techniques with which we examine the dynamics of two birth charts we can determine how a relationship flows or doesn’t flow and see what you can do in order to contribute to a better flow.  We look at the positive and negative sides of your combination and we discuss how to overcome the negative and put the positive to good use.

Please, only book this reading when your mind and heart are open for a change and betterment of a relationship. If you already have a fixed idea about the direction in which your relationship is heading and are simply looking for a confirmation that your relationship is marked with an X, then you will not benefit from this reading.

Price: 65 EUR

One Question Reading

If you simply have one burning question, then this is the reading for you.  I answer your question through the use of a horary chart (chart of the moment you ask the questions) or your birth chart, depending on the nature of the question. I deliver you the answer in a written form.

Price: 25 EUR


I offer one on one tutoring in astrological principles and techniques.  These private lessons are done in person or via Skype.

Price: 30 EUR per hour