Can divisional charts help us differentiate between twins?

Recently, astrologer Kevin Lopez has brought up the issue of twins in forums of traditional astrology community. I had the opportunity to speak with him personally via internet where we discussed different possible angles from which we can differentiate between the horoscopes of twins, especially those who were born only a few minutes apart.. Since my approach is more in-Zodiaco as opposed to in-Mundo, I’ve decided to try out a very time-sensitive sub-division of the Zodiac, which we could label as D144 if we use the Indian nomenclature. We get the D144 by further dividing the so-called 12th parts into 12th parts. They are fractals of fractals. While divisional charts are an integral part of Indian astrology, and the D144 is known in more obscure Indian astrological schools, I’m not aware that its use has been documented in the West at any time in history. The D144 charts show substantial differences even in the cases of twins born only 2 minutes apart. In the link below you can find my analysis of six pairs of twins where one had already died, while the other is still alive. I’ve also demonstrated how the relevant placements in the D144 chart have been activated through annual profections and how even the Solar return charts can be put under a microscope using the corresponding D144 charts.

Download the PDF with my analysis HERE.

Thank you for reading!