In a process of putting together the material to build a musical instrument I noticed that the tuning pins were missing. I had them, fourteen of them and the tuning key was there, too, all nicely put in a small cardboard box. I looked around and couldn’t find it. I searched all the possible places, even in the garage where I have my big box with musical accessories, but without success. I thought: »Ok, I’ll find it using horary astrology.« I ran upstairs and pulled up the horoscope for that moment.  The ascendant was in Cancer and the Moon was in the 4th. It should be in the house, and I should be able to find it.  The fourth house sign Libra indicated Western direction. The ruler of the 2nd house, the Sun was in the 7th, Capricorn, with Saturn. Now the South direction was indicated (Capricorn) and by house again West, so I narrowed it down to the South-West and that is actually the location of my workshop. The cardinal quality of Capricorn suggested it’s up high, close to the ceiling, but the Earth element suggested it’s not that high and at ground level. Saturn conjunct the Sun suggested to me that it might be covered with something black or at least dark. I ran downstairs, looked at the lowest shelf on the South wall and there it was, laying in a copper bowl (Sun’s color), covered by a big black ear protection headset. Found!


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