NOTE: These diaries are written with the consent of the people involved. Out of privacy reasons I’m not using their real name, nor their real nationalities.

I turn on Skype and call Azad from Azerbaijan. He answers and what I see is a Middle-eastern looking young man with quite a bit of charisma, infectious smile, but he is acting humbly as if he was starting a conversation with a great authority. It feels a bit awkward, so I try to soften him up with some small talk. He seems like a really nice guy and my first impression of him confirms strong spiritual tendencies I saw in his chart. But the thing that really caught my attention was his Saturn in Aries. Interestingly, I never had anyone with Saturn in Aries before, so this was exciting, but also a mystery, because I found Saturn in Aries to be difficult to interpret and most astrologers interpret it in a way that Saturn modifies Aries instead of Aries modifying Saturn. So, I pondered the two symbols and how they come together. What does Saturn do when it comes to the arena of Aries? And what happens if this arena is the 5th house? When it came to the reading the first thing I said to him was a more general debilitated Saturn thing: »You have a great difficulty with discipline and maintaining some routine, don’t you?«
Azad replied almost in despair: »Oh, man! This is killing me, it’s truly killing me! I’m unable to be disciplined and I hate routine.«
This gave us some time to discuss the importance of grounding and conscious endeavors towards being disciplined and effective. This melting, uprooted Saturn being in the 5th also gives him a propensity to test the limits of partying, sense enjoyment and freedom, but it doesn’t bring him satisfaction.
The ascendant ruler Jupiter is receiving blows from both malefics, Saturn and Mars, none of them in great shape, Mars even retrograde. Although his lord of the 6th house Venus is exalted in Pisces, with the Sun, there is a cruel influence to the 6th house from Mars, the significator of cuts, wounds, bruises, injuries and accidents.  Saturn, remember, is debilitated in Aries which is the head in human body and is aspecting ascendant lord Jupiter and Mercury (the significator of vehicles) in the 3rd house of mobility. Seeing this, I asked: »Have you ever had any injury to your head?«
Azad: »How the hell did you see this from a horoscope??? Yes, I was involved in a car accident and my head was blown open so I had a surgery.«
This confirmed how malefic his Saturn really is and gave me a clearer picture. His chart is a night chart, because, well, he was born at night, so Saturn becomes an out of sect malefic, in this case a very, very problematic one due to debilitation. He even doesn’t get any grounding in the 12th division of the zodiac, but gets better in the 9th, so eventually when he matures he’ll get his Saturn down to perform in a stable manner natural to him.
Saturn’s mess summarized, he has difficulty manifesting anything tangible and can’t really persevere in his endeavors. Saturn is also influencing his 9th house, so he can’t finish his studies. This of course frustrates Azad very much and he has great desires towards the other end, the inner experiences. His Sun is in Pisces, with Venus and Ketu (south node of the Moon) in the 4th house, the private, inner house. This trio is aspecting the 1st house, anchoring it and is lorded over by Jupiter, the 1st lord. Venus with the Sun and Ketu in Pisces is not a small thing for spirituality. I said to him:

»Since you’re coming from that area of the world, are you familiar with Sufism? I’m asking this because I see great spiritual tendencies, specifically mysticism in the sense of love of God.«
He was delighted when he heard this. He answered:
»Yes! This is my great desire! But I feel so bad because of my vices. I feel guilt and somehow I can’t proceed on my quest towards God.«
I decided to go through some timing techniques to see how this will unfold and we were both glad to see that his life will heavily shift towards spirituality soon enough.
One thing that troubled him was his studies as mentioned. He wanted to commit to something and finish it. He asked me if I can see what he could do in life, what he should study.
Having this mini stellium in the 4th in Pisces and a Moon in Scorpio who is the 8th lord in the 12th house I said:
»You’re a natural psychologist. You can read a person in an instant due to your incredible sensitivity, and I’d seriously suggest a psychology study to you.«

Azad laughed and replied: »You know, I wanted to study psychology a few years ago, but didn’t do it because of language barrier, and because I didn’t like the approach, but now I will do it!« (Azad lives in Europe now)
He has difficulty accepting authority due to his Sun being with Rahu in the 9th division and with Saturn in the 12th division. This had to be discussed as it was one thing that prevented him to learn.
I told him that in order to be able to find his own approach he first has to go through a regular vanilla training, something I’ve learned from my own life.

Of course, we talked about a lot of things, but these were the main, the essential ones.
We ended our conversation with warm feelings and gratitude. Azad was happy as he could somehow make sense out of »his chaos« as he called it, and I was happy that I could serve a man in difficulty.